Change, Cancel, and Adjust Upcoming Travel Plans If You Need to Save Money

There is a lot going on these days which has drastically affected travel.  With increased restrictions on international travel, and even hotels and resorts closed if you could get to your destination, you have probably been heavily reconsidering your upcoming travel plans.  With no end in sight, you don’t have to lose the money you paid for your travel plans.  With some deals you might even come out ahead!

Changes in fees

Because of mandated travel restrictions, many airlines are changing fee waivers to help you save money and improve customer loyalty and retention. Most airlines are now offering to waive change and cancellation fees on some tickets.  Rules and conditions may apply, but airlines stand to lose a lot without the support of their customers.

Get informed

If you had travel plans, you can get credit for future flights.  One way of doing this is to change your ticket instead of completely losing the fare ticket.  The offers are constantly changing and depending on when you purchased the ticket, different conditions may apply.  According to USA Today, the bigger airlines such as Delta Air Lines, United, and American have adjusted the way they are refunding or crediting travel vouchers, depending on destination, date of purchase, and other factors. Every airline is different, and the conditions are continually being updated and adjusted.

Typically, if you cancel your ticket, most likely get credit for future flights, either as a travel credit or a ticket voucher which can be used upwards of two years from the time of cancellation.  This may be to your advantage, since some very good deals are happening right now, at a risk.  Some flights are at an all-time low, because airlines struggling to fill seats with reduced flights schedules.

Buyer beware

Be careful, however.  Travel bans may continue for several months yet with stay at home orders and a lockdown on international travel restrictions. To optimize your value, book directly from your airline, and not through a travel agent. Be sure to check with your travel insurance provider to see if they have any additional help they can offer as well.  You might be surprised to know that loss of job or sudden illness is covered under their cancellation coverage.  Your traveling companion’s ticket might also be impacted and protected.


Stay safe! And stay informed to save money!