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Tips to Budgeting as a Couple

Most marital fights revolve around money and start because the two of you are not on the same page. Perhaps you have your own budget and your spouse has his, or maybe you have totally different attitudes toward money. You might not have a budget at all, and you aren’t...

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How to Save Money Meal Planning

The average American family spends over $3,000 a year on dining out. Believe it or not, food is typically where people overspend the most, and usually the biggest expense that people have other than their mortgage. If you’ve been looking for a way to squeeze more...

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How to Save Money as a Millennial

Unfortunately, schools don’t do a great job of teaching students how to manage and save money today. Some millennials (one in six, according to a recent study) have done a good job of saving money, while the majority (67%) have little to no savings at all. Many young...

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Guide to Couponing

Clipping coupons can be a great way to save money on your grocery bill, but you don’t have to clip every coupon you see in order to garner these savings. There are a few guidelines to keep in mind that will help you get the most from your couponing efforts. Here are...

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