Tips to Save Money by Switching Service Providers

Like those days when you are standing in line at the grocery store, sometimes it seems like the one you have picked is the longest and the slowest.  The same thing can be true when you are looking at your bills every month.  Whether it is your cable or internet service, garbage removal, cell phone service, or just about any other service you are paying through the nose for, you can’t help but wonder if it is time to switch over to the new best deal.


You might have seen ads on TV or the radio, or been hit up in an email to switch now and save even more!  Sometimes these deals can look too good to be true, and sometimes, if you time them just right, they can help you out a lot to keep money in your pocket instead of lining theirs.

There are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Understand cancellation fees: Your current provider might heap on all sorts of cancellation fees if you decide to switch now. This is especially true of cellular companies or cable companies–particularly if you are locked into a contract. Be aware that your new service provider might have also included installation fees which might be expensive enough to give you pause in switching over.
  • Identify the best time to switch:  Look at the time your contract is about to expire.  Generally, if you time it right you can move seamlessly to another provider before your rates go up and take advantage of the offered price from the new provider. Also, if switching services is going to be a potential problem such as being able to have reliable phone/cable/other services, postpone the date to one that works better.  Keep in mind too that there is often a buyer’s remorse period if you have bought into a service you soon realize isn’t going to cut it for you.
  • Identify and capitalize on promo periods: Just like clipping coupons, keeping an eye out on promotions and offers is a good way to keep yourself in the know when it comes to saving money.
  • Other recommendations: Your service providers know there is a lot of competition out there, which is why they have entire departments dedicated to customer retention.  The prices you have been paying are probably not the lowest they can offer, so before switching to another provider, talk to your current provider.  Let them know you are seriously considering moving to a competing service, and listen to what they have to offer to sweeten the pot to keep your business.  Considering the added fees the new company might have tacked on, it might be worth your while to stick with the old service!

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