How to Save Money Working From Home

There’s no place like home…for work!

Many of us have been raised to believe that the only job worth having is the kind where you drive to work early every day, punch a clock, and sit in a cubicle farm for the next eight to ten hours with a thousand other people.  Those grey walls, thumbtacked pictures of your kids, or even that sunny beach where you took a cruise too many years ago to think about now are staring right back at you every day.  But there are places to work remotely, from the comfort of your own home, and the benefits involved will save you money!

Here’s how!

Based on a study from FlexJobs , remote workers save about $4000 a year by working from home.

  • Food: cost of preparing your own lunches and brewing your own coffee/tea is significantly less than eating out. Just be prepared to have more snacks around the house.
  • Commuting: Many workers can’t afford to live near their office, and even public transportation costs can add up.  Working from home, you’ll incur less car-related expenditures such as fuel, maintenance costs, and you’ll significantly reduce the number of miles on your car each year. (Not to mention the impact you have on pollution!
  • Clothes: Working from home, you’ll have fewer expenses on dress code clothes, not to mention dry cleaning bills.
  • Services: You might save money on services such as house cleaning, dog walking, and day care if you are working from home.
  • Time: Wouldn’t you like to have more time to yourself or family?  You can gain more time when you work from home! If we got paid for all those hours we have sat in traffic, it would be one thing, but less time commuting can increase your free time and give you better opportunities for self-care!
  • Tax Breaks: If you have an area of your home which is a dedicated work environment, you may qualify for a home office tax break when you file your taxes each year. That’s like money in the bank!

A whole new experience

As you can see there are plenty of ways to save money by working from home.  You don’t have to be stuck in traffic or worse yet–a cubicle–all day to have a fulfilling job.  We live in the 21st Century.  Why then are we shuffling into work every morning like it’s still the Industrial Revolution?  Take advantage of your resources and check out our site for more tips and tricks!