Have a Cheap Date Without Being a Cheap Date

A good date is as much about the activity as it is the company, and it doesn’t need to put a big dent in your wallet. There are plenty of great things a couple can do that won’t break the bank and still leave you both with good memories. Here are five inexpensive date ideas you can do with your significant other that are fun and enjoyable.

1. Stargaze – grab a blanket and lay back and gaze at the heavens. There are plenty of free stargazing apps available that will help orient you so you can locate planets and constellations that are in your view. You both can search for these celestial bodies and look up their origin and history to learn a little about what you are looking at. Both intimate and fun, stargazing is a great way to spend some time with someone special.

2. Cook together – come up with a menu together and plan a night where you can spend some quality time cooking a meal that you can enjoy without distractions. Hide the phones, turn off the TV and just enjoy the company of your partner as you share your day and collaborate.

3. Go on a picnic – pack a couple of sandwiches and other treats and head to the park with a blanket you can lounge on while sharing a meal together outside. Take a frisbee or a couple of baseball mitts and a ball to play catch with.

4. Binge watch – pick a show that you both haven’t watched, or one you really liked and want to watch again, and spend the evening watching episode after episode. Have some snacks and your favorite drink on hand to enjoy while you sit side by side watching your show.

5. Take a long walk – whether through your own neighborhood or on the paths in your local park, take the time to walk hand in hand talking and enjoying one another’s company. The chance to bond through sharing on a walk is greater than sitting in a movie theater’s seats, and you both get a chance to escape the daily grind.

Spending time with that special someone can be both fun and inexpensive with these five great ideas. These easy and uncomplicated activities will give you a chance to share some one-on-one time together and enjoy a break from your schedules without spending a bunch of money.