10 Fun Ways to Enjoy the Warm Weather Without Spending All Your Money

Now that summer is here, a lot of warm weather activities are available. Just because there are a lot of things to do doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money doing them. There are several summertime activities you can enjoy that won’t break the bank. Here are some suggestions for summer fun that won’t leave you with empty pockets.

1. Take a hike! Literally. The great outdoors offers lots of chances for you to enjoy the beauty of nature and get some healthy exercise on a free hike. In almost every town and city in America there are several places to hike. Get to know your local area from a new perspective by exploring your city’s hiking paths.

2. Visit a farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are not just for finding locally grown fruits and vegetables. At many farmer’s markets, you can find homemade items that make great gifts for yourself or someone special. You can find everything from handmade jewelry to beautiful, unique pottery, to art suitable for hanging on your living room wall. And when it comes to food, there are usually lots of free samples to be had.

Picnic in the park.
Who doesn’t love a good PB&J sandwich, a bag of chips, a cookie, and a drink on a blanket under a shade tree on a hot summer afternoon? If you haven’t done this since you were a little kid, maybe it’s time to pack your picnic basket and grab a friend.

4. Go fly a kite. Remember how much fun it is to fly a kite? How long has it been since you enjoyed this fun activity? Kites are a great way to enjoy a summer day, and you can even make your own with things you probably already have at home. Don’t think so? Check out the simple instructions for this garbage bag kite.

. All you need to experience this classic summertime activity is a cloudless night, a blanket, and some time. Humans have been entertaining themselves with stargazing for millennia. Maybe it’s time to put down the remote and enjoy a stunning night sky. This is also a great idea for a low-cost date night, fellas. Grab a bottle of wine, a couple of wine glasses and some snacks, and impress your date with your creativity. If you want to know what you’re gazing at, download some free star charts beforehand.

6. Free summer concerts. From choirs to children’s groups to rock and roll bands, free concerts are as much a part of summer as ice cream and flip-flops. Check out your local paper or city’s website for the free concert schedule in your area.

7. Pass the popcorn. Many city parks offer outdoor movies during the summer months. These are family-friendly events, so if you have little ones you should be able to include them and make this a family outing they can enjoy right beside you.

8. Volunteer. Another activity you can partake of and involve the kids in is volunteering in your local community. Is there a festival going on? Why pay for tickets when you can volunteer? By giving of your time and energy, you can help other people enjoy the festivities, and often times gain free access to rides, shows, and other festival events. Too hot for outdoor festivals? Volunteer to help usher at a local theater (or community theater) and enjoy the shows for free. Who knows? You might even get free popcorn.

9. Open mic nights. Are you a singer, a comedian, a storyteller, a musician, or a poet? Look for open mic nights at local pubs and clubs, and use them to share your creativity and hidden talents with the world (or at least with your town). Some open mic nights come with an admission cost, but many are free.

10. Arts and entertainment. Why not do a little research, make a list of free museum days in your city and take in some no-cost art and entertainment? Nearly all museums, planetariums, and art galleries offer at least a few free admission days during the summer, where you can get out of the sun and soak up some culture instead.

These are just a few of the many free ways available to spend your summer days. We’re sure if you do a little digging, you will discover even more fun things to do that won’t make a huge dent in your wallet.