6 Ways to Stay Fit in the Winter Without Spending Money

by CashTime Loan Centers

Do you have plans for staying in shape this winter? While skiing and snowboarding are always good options for getting some winter exercise, they can be costly, may require traveling, training, and taking time off work. There are other ways to stay fit during the colder months, however, and they don’t have to break the bank.

While gym memberships are popular in the winter months, working out at a gym isn’t always a lot of fun, whereas getting your workout in using other methods can be. Here are some fun ways to get your exercise when the weather outside is not conducive to running, hiking, or bicycling.

1. Ice skating. This is a great way to enjoy winter weather and get exercise at the same time. Look for a neighborhood or downtown ice rink that’s safe, pack a thermos of hot chocolate, and enjoy practicing your figure eights. Remember to skate backwards and give some different muscles a chance to join the workout party. If you have your own skates and a neighborhood ice rink, you can enjoy this workout free of charge.
2. Snow shoveling. Combine a chore you have to do with the workout you want to do by clearing your driveway using a snow shovel instead of a snow blower. Add a random act of kindness to your workout and clear your neighbor’s driveway while you’re at it. This is another great no-cost way to get a whole body workout.
3. Snowman building. Got some kiddos at home on a snow day? Get them outside with you to build a snowman or two. This is a wonderful way to work out, have fun, and make a winter memory your kids will cherish. Again, the cost of this form of exercise is zero and the only equipment you need are a good pair of waterproof boots, gloves, and some warm winter clothing.
4. Stair climbing. Looking for a good indoor workout while the snow flies? If you live in an apartment building with stairs, they can be a great way to get in a good cardio and leg workout. No matter what’s going on outdoors, you can work up a sweat by walking or running up and down stairs. If you’re new to this form of exercise, try adding variety to your climb by taking a break every few floors to exit the stairwell and walk the length of the hallway and back. No need to spend any money for this amazing workout.
5. Indoor sports teams. Looking for a group of other folks to exercise with? Check out a local gym or community center for opportunities to join a basketball or hockey team. Not into team sports but still don’t want to workout alone? Look for aerobics, yoga, jazz, hip hop, or Zumba dance classes to keep your body in shape this winter. There may be a nominal cost, but you might find complimentary classes at your local community center or neighborhood church, or if you feel inspired and have a location you can use free of charge, start your own group classes.
6. At home workouts. Not into the group workout thing? You can still get a great indoor workout in the privacy of your own home, with or without stairs. Good old fashioned calisthenics are a wonderful way to break a sweat in your living room. A series of 25 jumping jacks, windmills, arm circles, squats, sit ups and push ups will get your heart rate up just like they did in high school gym class. Add some floor exercises like leg raises, planks, and bicycles, or anything using resistance bands for a quality workout at least three times a week and you’ll emerge next spring looking like you spent your winter at the gym. And that money you saved on a membership? You can use that for a new spring wardrobe. Now that sounds like a win/ win!