Eliminate Bad Spending By Attacking Bad Habits

by CashTime Loan Centers

Saving money, sticking to a budget, spending wisely… all of these items are typically tied to activities or items, something you need to do or buy. It’s true: saving money starts with actionable steps you can take. But when you begin to save money, do you ever find that you start strong only to fall off a short while later? It’s kind of like starting a diet at the beginning of the year: you’re inspired, you’re prepared, and you’re willing… but then you’re done before you know it. So what’s the problem?

Often it’s not a matter of knowing what to do or when to do it. We all know to eat vegetables and exercise, but it doesn’t always happen. Instead, the things we promise to do don’t attack the heart of the matter… the why. You may be holding onto bad spending habits without even knowing, and it can be hard to break that mentality without addressing it head on. Before you build your budget, put money away for a rainy day, and pick up a side job, you should examine the list of bad spending habits below. If you know what the problem is, you’ll be able to identify when it pops up in the real world and be able to combat it.

To Heck With the Jonses. Ever go to your neighbors’ place and they show off their new TV? Dang thing takes up the whole wall! Maybe you see nothing but vacation photos on Instagram and remember it’s been a while since you’ve treated yourself to some time off. It’s not hard to understand why… We’re often judged or ranked by what we do, what we buy, and how we present ourselves. But when you judge your self-worth and happiness compared to what others present publicly, it’s a losing battle. Instead, reflect on your own goals. Will this new phone truly improve my lifelong happiness, or is it just neat? Is a trip overseas needed, or will the expense make further problems down the road? Whenever an outside influence is moving the needle of your spending, take a step back, reflect, and determine why you’re thinking of making that purchase. If it’s because you’re pressured by those around you, even indirectly, stop.

Mixed Emotions. We’re all guilty of some form of retail therapy, no matter what form it takes. Hard day at the office? A few beers can mend that wound. Stressed out from life? Maybe you need a at a spa or at the golf course. We all deserve these little treats from time to time, no doubt. But little purchases add up, and when they get thrown on the credit card, the interest rate doesn’t help. Here’s the thing… that purchase? It doesn’t solve whatever is ailing you, merely keeps it away. If your arm gets cut off, Advil helps with the pain, but doesn’t bring your arm back. Identifying emotional purchases before they happen can help you address what truly matters: the core reason you are acting emotionally. Attack the matter at its heart, and don’t take Advil for your lost arm.

Time Marches. On You may be young and healthy today, but nothing lasts forever. Look, it’s hard to face, but the fact of the matter is life doesn’t much care what your budget is. Emergencies happen and are rarely free. Eventually you’ll want to retire, and you want something to fall back on. Even if your budget is on track for the day, month, or year, you need to think of the longer repercussions. This is a long game, life… the longest we’ll ever play. If you budget doesn’t take the next few decades into account, a few purchases today cam hurt you when you really need it.