Earn Money on the Side Without Having to Go Outside

by CashTime Loan Centers

Sure, money is good… but what about more money? No doubt that it wouldn’t be a struggle to have a bit more cash on hand, be it for bills, investments, saving, or hey, maybe even a night out. It’s not uncommon for people to pick up a side hustle, a second micro-job or hobby that can bring in a few extra dollars. First, the good news! Anybody can do this! A side hustle doesn’t mean you need to start a business or sell tchotchkes on Etsy, but anything you can do to bring in a few extra bucks each month. Now, for the bad news… some of it means leaving the house. Which means putting on real clothes and dealing with the weather… who wants that? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do from the comfort of your own home to make some extra money. Avoid the winter cold, the summer heat, or people in general, and follow the tips below to help get that side hustle going.

Survey Says… People love opinions. Isn’t that why podcasts were invented? Unlike a podcast, though, this can actually prove useful. Plenty of online sites exist purely to give you money for answering questions, either in the form of Amazon cards, Visa gift cards, or directly to a PayPal account. Sites like Survey Junkey, Swagbucks, and more will pay you per survey, reimbursing you for your time. Hey, you’re on your phone anyway… why not make some money?

Teach a Man to Fish… or Anything Else. We all have something that we know more about than the average Joe. Maybe you were always good with a certain school subject like math. Maybe nobody can beat your checkbook balancing skills. If you think you’re good enough to share you knowledge, well… do it! But don’t do it for free. List your services as a tutor or instructor on sites like Craigslist and make sure that knowledge doesn’t go to waste.

Clean House. Let’s be honest… our apartments, houses, or dwellings are probably full of things you don’t need. Board games you don’t play, DVDs you don’t watch, clothes you don’t wear. Instead of tossing them in the dump, put them online to sell. Specific sites exist for specific items as well, so if you’re selling a DVD, for example, sell it on a site that deals exclusively with DVDs. If you match your potential audience closer, they’ll likely spend more.

Run Errands While You Run Errands. Alright, this one is cheating. Technically, you have to go outside. But hey, if you’re already going to the grocery store, liquor store, or any other place you frequent, why not run other errands for people? Charge your friends and family directly to go to the store for them, or join a service like Grubhub or Drizly. You won’t have to do anything you don’t normally do except for driving to another home, but you’ll get paid for doing it! Plus, you can catch up on all those podcasts while you work.