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Don’t Let Fall Break Your Bank!

by CashTime Loan Centers

Hey Arizona, did you know fall break is less than 3 weeks away for some of our students? Crept up on you quickly didn’t it? Although you and the kids deserve a break from the high tempo school year, fall break can get expensive quickly. Cash Time though it would be a good idea to share some money saving tips for fall break to keep you from breaking the bank.

1. Avoid Pumpkin Amusement Parks
- With Halloween being right around the corner, many want to get into the spirit, buying pumpkins and decorating their homes. Beware of the temporary Halloween festival parks that pop up to serve these needs. Often times, they are farms that convert to a mini amusement park offering rides, events for children and different types of fair-type food. Don’t get us wrong, they are certainly fun, but they come at quite a price. Fees can range from $10 - $20 per person just for admission, while a pumpkin that costs $3 at the grocery store can run up to $15.

2. Create Your Own Backyard Festival
- Part of the fun of the pumpkin amusement parks is the festival atmosphere. While they can be fun, many of the same activities can be re-created at your or a friends’ home for a fraction of the cost. They can be things like pumpkin carving or painting, face painting, bobbing for apples or sack races. Get together with friends or neighborhood families, find a day that works for all and get together all at once. You’ll be amazed at the festival feel you can create at home! Not to mention many families makes less spend per family getting the mini-festival ready.

3. Newsflash: Fall = Football….Enjoy it!
- There’s the obvious, college and professional games, but for most that will only happen by watching them on Television. Attending a college or professional football game is regularly over $150 per person for tickets, parking and food (and that’s if you’re careful about what you buy). Never fear, nothing screams fall like going to a High School football game near you. Most schools’ ticket prices are under $10, and in some cases they’re free! Combine that with inexpensive concessions and you’re in business. Even better, have a family or neighborhood football game. Nothing says fall like hitting the field with your friends and family and drawing up some plays in the dirt.

4. Take a Hike!
- The oppressive heat is finally ending. October is beautiful in Arizona. These are the months that make the rest of our nation jealous. Don’t waste them, get the family out and experience the natural wonders that are our National Parks. It is amazing how many awe-inspiring destinations Arizona offers, and how many of us have never experienced them first hand. Grand Canyon national park, Vermilion Cliffs national monument, Wupatki and Sunset Crater national monuments, Montezuma's Castle national monument, Walnut Canyon national monument, Meteor Crater national natural landmark, Canyon De Chelly national monument, Monument Valley Navajo tribal park, Petrified Forest national park and Saguaro national park, the list goes on and on. Not one of these will disappoint. Go experience and enjoy. One small fee for the whole family and you can hike, sight-see and build memories that last a lifetime.

Fall break doesn’t have to break your bank, there are tons of cost effective ways to spend time as a family in Arizona this autumn. Cash Time wishes you and yours a safe and enjoyable fall break. Remember when it comes to emergency expenses and paying bills, Cash Time understands!